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Operating theatres

Our department runs 4 operating theatres equipped with the latest high-end technologies to support our neurosurgeons in their daily work and to allow them to achieve maximum safety, precision and efficiency while carrying out complex interventions with minimally invasive techniques. By using intraoperative neuronavigation we can increase accuracy in tumor surgery, while intraoperative imaging devices allow us to guide and instantly check positioning of implants in spinal or functional neurosurgical procedures. The equipment we use in our operating theatres includes:

  •     Microscopes by Zeiss: Pentero®, Kinevo® and Tivato®
  •     Intraoperative CT scanner
  •     Intraoperative Navigation Systems
  •     Neuromonitoring and Neurostimulation
  •     Endoscopy
  •     5-ALA- and Yellow-Fluorescence-Techniques
  •     Intraoperative Sonography
  •     Intraoperative Fluoroscopy