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Wards 5a & 5b

The department of Neurosurgery has three wards with a total capacity of 73 beds which are all located in the MZA building. You can find the wards 5A and 5B on level 5, while the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit is located on level 3.

Ward 5A (West) and Ward 5B (Ost) are each 30 bedded neurosurgical wards for the inpatient care of patients who underwent neurosurgical procedures. We provide modernly furnished rooms equipped with a bathroom, personal lockers, a TV set, telephones and WIFI.


Contact details:

Ward 5А (West): Phone: +43 050 504-27595, Fax +43 050 504-27599

Ward 5В (Ost): Phone: +43 050 504-27603, Fax +43 050 504-27608